Laser Cutting

6000kw fiber laser, 5’x 10′ table cuts from thin gauge material up to 1″ thick mild steel. Also cuts Stainless Steel up to 1/2″ thick. Continue »

CWB W47.1 Certified

  Broadway Metals philosophy has always been to continuously improve; as such we have added Certified Welding through to Canadian Welding Bureau to Standard W47.1 Because of this certification, Broadway Metals has added customers in the Rail and Ministry... Continue »

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting has evolved quite a bit over the past five years, such that there is very little difference to laser cutting on heavier sheet and plate. Add the latest True Hole technology from Hypertherm and part accuracy and... Continue »

CNC Machining

Broadway Metals offers CNC machining on our 2 Hass machining centers. With bed sizes ranging from 20″ x 40″ up to 40″ x 120″, we can offer you the flexibility you require. Tolerances can be held within thousandths of an... Continue »

Metal Shearing

At Broadway Metals, we don’t only specialize in the complicated, we would be happy to quote all your requirements and quite often simply shear to size sheet metal for our customers. Our shears can accommodate sheets up to ½”... Continue »